Exscursion to Peterhof

Peterhof is the world of Palaces, Fountains and Parks. Suburban Residence of Russian Emperors situated 30 kilometers away from Saint Petersburg city center rightfully gained worldwide prominence as "Fountain Capital" not by chance. In luxuriance and scale Peterhof equals to the famous residence of French kings -Versailles, and leaves it behind in the land area of fountain system. Peterhof is situated on two parts of bench land and opens a beautiful view of the Gulf of Finland. The center of the complex is the Grand Palace standing on the upper part of the bench land. Palace's interiors are decorated with rich arts and crafts of 18th - beginning of 20th centuries. Please take into consideration! The Fountains are running since May till October! Duration of this tour is 5 hours. Order it right now and our service representative will answer to you as soon as possible! Please e-mail us for pricing.