City Tour with visit to Kazan Cathedral

The Emperor Paul I was minded to make the church which was being built by his dictation to bear resemblance with Saint Peter's Dome in Rome. As a reflection of this wish a grand colonnade was constructed by A.N. Voronikhin in front of the Northern frontispiece which consisted of 96 columns. If the colonnade of the Saint Peter's Dome in Rome completes the square then the colonnade of the Kazan Cathedral opens to the Nevskiy Prospekt. The frontispiece of the cathedral is cladded with grey Pudostskiy Stone. The Northern Door of the cathedral was casted in bronze after model of the famous "Holy Door" of the 15th century's Florentine baptistery. Inside of the temple there are 56 columns of the Corinthians order made of pink Finnish granite with gilded capitals. The sacred thing of the temple is a worshiped image of Our Lady of Kazan. The icon belonged to the empress Praskovia Federovna. She brought the icon to Saint Petersburg when the Tsar Household was moving from Moscow after in 1712 Saint Petersburg became the capital. Duration of this tour is 3 hours. Order it right now and our service representative will answer to you as soon as possible! Please e-mail us for pricing.