Excursion to Gatchina

Gatchina palace and park complex is rightfully considered to be one of the best examples of romantic style of landscape parks. With its unique spirit it becomes an addition to the pearls ring of Saint Petersburg suburban Tsar Residences. A harmonious combination of lakes, whimsically meandering rivers, and a great variety of picturesque islands gives Gatchina palace and park complex special poetry and unique brightness. You will visit the Gatchina Palace - a former residence of Paul I. Situated on a hill above the Silver Lake the palace combines an ancient castle and suburban residence foundations. The Interiors are a perfect example of Russian classicism at the turn of 18th - 19th centuries. During excursion to Gatchina you can also have a look at a special sight - the Priory Palace - and find out an extraordinary story of its construction. It is the only one beaten cob construction in Europe which survived to this day. Duration of this tour is 5 hours. Order it right now and our service representative will answer to you as soon as possible! Please e-mail us for pricing.